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Construction Audit Training

Our Construction Audit Training will expose you to the critical risks and controls you will encounter during a construction audit. Learn the essentials of construction project governance and the potential potential for achieving substantial recoveries. This course is centered on giving auditors the skills needed to hit the ground running. The entire project life cycle is fully addressed from original design to successful transition and occupation. Our training course draws on real world examples from a variety of different industries, building and contract types. Additionally our courses can be customized to meet client needs. We have identified 42 processes in project management and are adept at training on all of these processes. their interrelationships and ways to manage every aspect of your project.

Project Feasability and Appraisal

Establishing a need to do a project is the front line for every capital project. Often it requires board approval and the board may have certain conditions that need to be met to approve the project. We walk our students through different investment appraisal techniques such as: SWOT, Payback period, Net Present value, ertc and help the auditor determine the techiques are being applies approriately and are suirtable for the projects presented.

Contract Types and Contracting Controls

Key contractual clauses: learn the clauses every owner should inist on. or negotiate. Learn what is missing or assumed in your contarct that can be putting your organization at additional risk.

The type of contract used can have an Impact on risk, mitigation or exposure. Understanding the risks can help an orgnziation design a strategy that matches with their risk appetite and operational startegies.

Additrionally, many organizations only audit cost plus or GMAX. Our class teaches the flaws in this thinking and also the different audit strategies involved to audit each type of contract. We also discuss some flaws in negotiating in some of these types of contracts - hiighlighting best practices and protecting the organization.


It is more then just cost - our unique Construction Audit Risk Evaluation (CARE (R) framework. focuses on six major proven pillars of project success.

Students will learn what these success factors are, how they interact and specific audit steps that can be performed to allow mitigation. Students will be shown certain risks associated with each factor so that they can create a comprehesive risk management and present a "full picture" to Senior Management.








Change Orders

How to analyze and audit change orders. How to assess validityand assignment of responsibility is addressed in detail. Change orders are a large concern in managing construction projects. They can cause disruptions to many factors of the project: cost, time, even function. Change order abuse is very common in construction, we teach best practices in how to monitor, analyze and manage chande orders to help mitigate or eliminate this abuse.

Common Errors and Fraud Schemes

Learn the "tricks of the trade" for both detection, prevention and control.

Key Terminology

Learn the terminology your architect, project manager and general contractor will use.

Construction Math and Estimating

Sources of information for use in audit of costs and invoices. Are you being overcharged?

Site Visits

Benefits of visiting the site - value aduit can add.

Site Security

Explore essential loss prevention controls.

Project Management Reporting

Key metrics and how to unsertand them. Assessing project management practices.

Vendor Due Dilligence

Project Sabotage

As much as we hate to admit it, not everyone wants our project to succeed. Through class discussions we look at symptoms of a saboteur, some examples of the damage they can do and the repurcussions that can be taken. Sometimes it seems like it is easiest to just remove the saboteur. We will teach students how to do that carefully or how to change the participant into a more productive menber of the project. Often sabotage could also be indicative of other problems. We teach the auditors how a root cause analyis is imperative to the preservation of the project and possibility the entire organization.


Transition Management

Project timing and tranistion are delicate movements. Unfortunately they are also sometimes overlookked. Our case sudies for Transition Management discuss some projects for well known companies that went wrong. We discuss these projects and learn from their mistakes. We also talk about communicatoin, transition dry ruuns, practicing, drills etc around transition management. Recently presented we applied these strageties to hospital construction and talk about transition management at the Healthcare Financial Management Association Conference.

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