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Construction Audit Risk Evaluation (CARE)™

What makes a successful project? Auspicium has analyzed the factors that lead to project success: and those that cause failure. Our construction audit risk evaluation methodology seeks to identify and address potential issues, before they become major problems. Effective project governance focuses on time, cost, function, scope, quality and safety. The emphasis of most construction audits is cost. When looking at project governance a wider focus is required. We provide that focus.

Project Success: Time, Cost, Quality, Function, Scope & Safety


Risks to construction projects can include everything from funding to the weather. Some can be controlled and mitigated, while others can not. This may seam like a statement of the obvious, but who has thought through your risks? Frequently people know the risks from their "silo" but they are not shared and communicated, limiting the potential for effective contingency planning.

Auspicium can help you obtain a comprehensive understanding of your risk, and whether appropriate action is being taken.


At the heart of effective construction project controls is an effective project governance structure. Is your project going to deliver the results and changes you expect? Are you prepared to control change orders? Do you have a plan to transition operations to your new building?

A thorough construction audit will identify potential gaps in your control environment that could be more destructive and costly in the longer term than any overpayment to a vendor.


Your construction project can attract the interest, both positive and negative, of a whole range of stakeholders. The local community, government, unions, employees and not forgetting the end users of the building.

Successful completion of the project depends on collaboration with the architect, general contractor, sub contractors and internal resources. A clear communication and control strategy is central to effective project governance. Construction Audit Risk Evaluation (CARE)TM methodology can help.

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